Jokes on demonitisation

Demonetization survey be like “Is this plan bestest???” A. Yass B. Totes C. Ekdum amaze D. Saif wala Wow ----------- Guys Please pray for me. I will be going to the hospital tomorrow morning. I think I have a problem with my eyes. Every time i look into my wallet, I see nothing. Doc says,... Continue Reading →

Asian Designer Week

The concept behind Asia Designer Week is that it embodies the strong bond that exists between Asian countries with respect to the cultural values, traditions and heritage despite the diversities. Asia Designer Week has been solely conceived for promoting the interests of fashion designers and helps them maximize their business value through increased opportunities, learning... Continue Reading →

Paul Entertainment-Master’s in Event management

Paul Entertainment has been at the forefront of providing excellent  conceptualized, planned and executed large scale and boutique events that have entertained audiences and build brands. The requirements change all the time and formats evolve. But just one thing remains constant: Their Passion to deliver the best! The company creates experiental events which serve as... Continue Reading →

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