Top 10 Fashion Influencers to follow

TOP FASHION INFLUENCERS THAT ARE MADE IN INDIA- 1. Thatbohogirl aka Kritika Khurana - She has a unique boho style and is a quintessential fashion blogger. Her boho style and fashion sense will make you go like "WOW!"She currently has around 923k followers on insta. 2. Santoshi Shetty - Another verified influencer on instagram. Santoshi's feed is full of... Continue Reading →

Top Food Instagrammers in Delhi NCR

Here is a list of Instagram handles that will be a welcome change to your Instagram feed. From photographers, to food enthusiasts and wanderers in Delhi, follow these handles and watch your feed fill with food.   Karan aka Bonvoyagelovers - Karan is a Lifestyle, food influencer  as well as an author. Author by passion, foodie... Continue Reading →

High-End Skincare Brands

We don't think much when we buy clothes. Sometimes a top worth 200 bucks makes us insane and sometimes we might not even like a top worth 1k. Well, let's cut to the chase, whether the top is worth 200 or 2000 bucks it won't harm us in any way. Quality and brand doesn't bother us... Continue Reading →


Educating the masses on mental health and battling the stigma of mental illness is a massive mission. That’s why the world needs dedicated mental health bloggers and writers who frequently cover relevant issues and can educate people about this issue. They’ll help people to think progressively so they can build a world where everyone takes... Continue Reading →


“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” – Bachel Zoe Fashion is the term which applies to the trend and style that people adopt according to the changing world. It doesn’t matter whether you are a housewife, if you are looking to improve your lifestyle, spend time in upgrading... Continue Reading →

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