Top 10 Fashion Influencers to follow


1. Thatbohogirl aka Kritika Khurana – She has a unique boho style and is a quintessential fashion blogger. Her boho style and fashion sense will make you go like “WOW!”She currently has around 923k followers on insta.

2. Santoshi Shetty – Another verified influencer on instagram. Santoshi’s feed is full of glamour and amazing. Her instagram followers are around 712k. 

3. Aakriti Rana – Just as her name suggests, she’s very creative. Her feed is full of creativity and filled with vibrant colors.Her instagram fam is 693k huge! Damn!

4. Aashna Shroff – Aashna has a very chic and classy look. Her experimenting with new new clothes is totally awwdemirable! She has a huge instagram fan following of 809k!

5. Masoom Minwala Mehta – She’s an Indian influencer in Europe. Masoom is a  luxury fashion blogger who is making India proud in Europe!Her insta fam is 761k big!

6. Komal Pandey – The only thing that sets Komal apart is her sassy and bold looks. Her styling videos are totally awwmazing!She has a huge fan following of 1.1M followers! Woah

7. Siddharth Batra – His style and his thoughts are totally unique. He certainly has some good fashion sense. He currently has 90.5k insta fam!

8. Malvika Sitalani – Malvika plays with makeup and we love that about her. She has those gorgeous features that you’ll fall in love with.She has 401k followers on insta.

9. Shetroublemaker aka Meghna Kaur – Meghna is a content creator and definitely she has her very own style that’s adorable.
Her insta fam is 861k huge.

10. Sakshi Sindwani – She’s a body positive creator and her styling videos are insanely amazing to watch!She currently has 247k fam!
Those were top 10 fashion influencers that you cannot miss to follow!

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