Healthy snacks for a great Lifestyle!

Everytime we hear the word “snack” the only thing that comes to our mind is chips or wafers. Undoubtedly the taste is finger licking good but the amount of calories each packet contain is something to worry about. We can see a lot of brands in the market launching new snacks every now then and they claim that the snacks are healthy. But, they certainly aren’t. The market is reduced  to profits now. We don’t see many brands keeping the health of their customers under consideration. In this fast moving life, money is  the only thing that every business wants. Conscious eating is what is needed the most. 

In the times where junk food is available at as low as rs.10 and healthy food at rs. 200, sometimes we are left with no option but to go for junk food. And agree or not but junk food is delicious! So when our subconscious mind tells us to go for that 1 plate of momos or chole bhature, instead of fighting with it we crave for another plate! That’s the reality! If not now then later but someday we have to fight this urge of eating junk food otherwise the problems that it can cause will continue in the long run. 
The diet namkeen that we eat and the home made aloo chat that we avoid while dieting is the only problem with us. The digestive biscuits that we prefer eating because of low calories or sugar are much worse than the normal biscuits. So, how can you make yourself aware of all these facts? Well, you need to see the label on the packaging where you can see what exactly is  going in your body. The label will tell you that the healthiest snack that is ready made poha you’re just about to have is not what it seems to be. Considering the amount of salt and sugar it has, the aftermath is worrisome. 
Well, we cannot actually boycott junk food entirely from our lifestyle but we can make a few changes in our lifestyle that must be long term and yield great results. You can have junk food in 15 days rather than every alternate day or weekly. Moreover, when you get the urge to eat something from outside you can try these following “actual” healthy snacks that are filling and will end your cravings!
Subway – Subway is a good option when you crave for some outside food BUT with a limited sauces. No mayonnaise or ketchup!
Popped Lotus Seeds/ Makhaane- It is one of the best snacking option! Roasted lotus seeds are tasty and healthy at the same time! You can buy them from Urban Platter or you can roast them at home even.

Roasted Chana- You can get these from any local grocery store or  you can order it from Big Basket.
Fruits and veggies- All time available snack in every household.This snack option is the best in terms of money and CALORIES! Woah! You can order your favourite fruits and veggies from grofers.
Mixed Seeds- Nuts and seeds are loaded with protein and are so filling. You can order nuts and seeds from Amazon.
Hope this will  help  you in deciding what’s good for your body and what you must avoid. Happy SNACKING!

What type of snacker are you?
Do you need gluten-free snacks, or are you just looking for healthy snack ideas packed with protein and not too much sugar?
Tell us in the comment section below

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