Top Food Instagrammers in Delhi NCR

Here is a list of Instagram handles that will be a welcome change to your Instagram feed. From photographers, to food enthusiasts and wanderers in Delhi, follow these handles and watch your feed fill with food.


  1. Karan aka Bonvoyagelovers – Karan is a Lifestyle, food influencer  as well as an author. Author by passion, foodie by birth.
    His insta fam is 80.5k huge.
  2. Paresh Gupta aka Khaata rahe mera dil- If you’re looking for some new places to visit then you’re at the right place. Paresh had been to some really amazing places that you must visit to keep your cravings in check.
    His insta fam is 124k huge.
  3. Karan Marwah aka Foodelhi – Karan’s feed will definitely give you some major cravings to eat all that food.
    He has 106k followers on insta.
  4. Mehak Dhawan aka foodiesince96 – Mehak is 24 years old blogger and her feed is full of food, recipe and travel pictures. 
    Mehak has 254k followers on insta. Wow, now that’s some number!
  5. Shagun Malhotra aka myfoodproject – Shagun is a quintessential foodie with brains! An ISBian, Shagun is a food blogger and Reviewer.
    Her insta fam consists of 152k followers.
  6. Winston Raja aka thedebonairmaven – Winston’s insta feed is full of famous food joints from Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai.
    His insta fam is 79k huge.
  7. Priyanka and Sumit Kapoor aka dillifoodies – This duo is rocking their job. Their feed will give you major cravings.
    They have 232k followers.
  8. Anish & Kani aka delhidelites – Their feed will surely make you drool! That’s our guarantee!
    This duo’s insta famn is 110k hugee!  
  9. Shubhneat aka v_for_veggie – Shubhneat’s feed is full of vegetarian recipes. If you’re a vegetarian and looking for vegetarian restaurants to visit then don’t forget to check his profile.
    He has 149k followers on insta.
  10. Karan Dua aka Dil se Foodie – One of the renowned and verified food bloggers. Not only does he enjoy eating food but he also enjoys cooking food. His recipes are simple yet delicious.
    His insta fam is 590k huge! Wow, now that’s some number!  
  11. Karan Tripathi aka Karanfoodfanatic – Karan beautifully captures his food. You really need to check out his profile and trust us you’ll fall in love with the feed.
    Karan has 70.1k followers on insta. 
  12. Nikita aggarwal aka agirlwithfork – Nikita’s healthy recipes will awake the inner chef in you! Watch her videos at your own risk.
    She has currently 86.6k followers on insta.

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