High-End Skincare Brands

We don’t think much when we buy clothes. Sometimes a top worth 200 bucks makes us insane and sometimes we might not even like a top worth 1k. Well, let’s cut to the chase, whether the top is worth 200 or 2000 bucks it won’t harm us in any way. Quality and brand doesn’t bother us much when it comes to buying clothes.  But it should and must bother us when it comes to skin care! One should never compromise with their skin. It’s always advisable to buy products that perfectly suit your skin. To ensure you buy the right product keep these three things under consideration, ALWAYS!

1. Your skin type– If your skin is oily, dry or a combination of both. Accordingly, go for that product.

2. Skin Problem– See if your skin is sensitive or normal. In case your skin is sensitive/acne prone do not just buy any product. Look for the products that
won’t activate your acne. 

3. Ingredients– Check carefully what the product contains and based on that decide if it’s worth investing money in. Make sure that your skin doesn’t suffer because of your quick decisions.

Here are some of the best and not so expensive brands that you might wanna own in the future.

1. Kiehl’s– It’s the finest apothecary skin care brand. All of the ingredients are listed on the label and when you visit the store their well-informed staff suggests you product according to your skin and need. The best part about the brand, in the spirit of giving back to the communities, “Kiehl’s Gives” is launched to support the three charitable initiatives around the world: environmental issues, AIDS research, and children’s causes. If you wish to shop from Kiehl’s click on the link

2. The Body Shop– The Body Shop is a brand owned by L’Oréal. It has a wide range of products that are natural and effective. The body shop is expert in caring for all different skin types and take pride in knowing how to make people feel so good. This brand is forever against animal cruelty. Isn’t that music to our ears? Also, there’s a huge discount going on and it’s never not a good time to buy from The Body Shop.

3. Clinique– Clinique is one of the most popular skincare brands in the US, and as the name suggests, is known for its clinical approach to beauty. It’s a NO PARABENS, NO PHTHALATES and FRAGRANCE FREE brand. Moisture Surge™ 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator is one of the best selling products by Clinique. Try it and you will know it how good this brand is. To shop click on Clinique.

4. Forest Essentials– Another natural and luxurious Ayurveda skin care brand. Its products are certified 100% natural and inspired by Ayurveda recipes by the ministry of AYUSH. The products are non-toxic, not tested on animals, and unadulterated without the use of parabens, sulphates, chemical sunscreens, and synthetic fragrances.The best part is yet to come- “It’s a made in India brand.” Isn’t that enough of a reason for you to buy these products? You bet! To buy Forest Essentials products click on the link.

5. Kama Ayurveda– Ayurveda is better anytime! This brand is inspired by the ancient science of healing. Kama Ayurveda launched 9 ayurvedic treatments.These potent remedies were developed to help treat existing skin and hair concerns and to prevent future concerns. The brand focuses on purity and efficacy of formulations. Kama Ayurveda is one of the best luxurious brands.

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