How can you take care of your body when doing work from home?

Well, who doesn’t like staying and working from the comfort of their home? Certainly everyone does! But there’s a lot to worry about while working from home. Working from home is hassle free, saves travelling time, allows you to spend more time with your family, saves you from dressing up daily and allows you to enjoy the entire day in pajamas. It’s easier said than done, right? Work from home is not as easy peasy as it sounds. While there’s nothing extra you have to do but the thought of getting up from the bed or exercising brings a lot of disappointment to all of us. 
Prima facie we all look healthy and beautiful, it’s the inner side that needs to be worked upon. Here a few things that you need to follow if you’re working from home. 

Routine – Try to stick to the same routine that you had erstwhile. It’s important to wake up and sleep at the same time in order to keep the routine in check.

Exercise – Physical exertion is a must when spending the majority of the time at home. In this fast and rigorous life we forget to take care of ourselves. Hence, take the pledge to do some sort of workout daily for at least 20 minutes. You can follow Shilpa Shetty workouts to get that perfect body. 

Meditate – More than anything you need to stay sane. Staying at home can be challenging for some people who’re into a job that requires travelling or who spend most of the time out of their homes. So, staying sane should be the utmost priority and should be kept in check. For this try to meditate once a day for everyday. Meditation not only helps in staying sane it also helps in keeping you focussed and healthy. Meditation is like a panacea for every problem. For proper guidance for meditation you can subscribe to Isha Kriya.

Food habits – Since we’re avoiding junk food, it’s the best time to change your food habits and detoxify your body. Try to avoid caffeine as much as possible and switch to healthy food.Socially active while keeping social distance – Keep in touch with your family and friends through social media and try to avoid social gatherings as much as possible.

Stay updated – Last but not the least stay updated with regards to everything. This will help you in staying positive that things outside are going under control.

Follow these tips to the T and we’re sure you’ll enjoy your work from home time! Also, don’t forget to watch your favorite show on Netflix.

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