Top 5 hill stations to travel after pandemic

If the mere mention of hill stations, takes you to Kasol and Manali then there are many other popular hill stations that you should start seeking out for if you think you are running out of options. Because, once the pandemic is over, we all would be making our way up to the hills.

So, here is a list of hill stations which you should bookmark already –

1. Khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh

If you wish to experience Mini Switzerland of India, then this is undoubtedly the place that you might have been missing all this while. The entire region is surrounded and covered with greeneries which makes it absolutely amazing.

2. Lavasa, Maharashtra

Amongst all the hill stations in India, Lavasa is the most unique destination which is located near Pune. What makes it even more beautiful is that it is the first-ever planned hill station of India that is built in resemblance to Portofino.

3. Chikmagalur, Karnataka

This mind-blowing hill station is located at the foothills of Mullayangiriranfe and is also known as the Coffee Land of Karnataka. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, this region has several hills and mountains and offers you an unmatched experience.

4. Chopta, Uttarakhand

While Uttarakhand is home to several hill stations, Chopta is one of its kind. The backdrop of the mighty Himalayas serves as a perfect backdrop making it the most pristine region you can ever be appealed to.

You are surely in for a perfect retreat if you happen to visit any of these hill stations.

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