Metoo Short stories – A new book

 I was always intrigued by the relationships between men and women. Society plays a major role in shaping up a persons mindset. It is this mindset which I wanted to change with my book. Cruelty and inhuman behaviour should be ridiculed and that is what made me share some personal stories of some sexual abuse survivors. And thus the short stories on Metoo book came to being.

About the book

Me too” – simple words, mostly and since time immemorial used to express or reciprocate something as beautiful as “I Love You” have morphed into a rallying cry of coercion and How!!! Suddenly, one day, a deluge of “Me Too” stories stormed the digital media and our lives. One day?!! But assault and harassment happen each day, each passing moment, to each and every one. While the “Me Too” movement has been the most important cultural shift happening with mammoth changes happening within institutions and individuals in the world. The author delves deeper into deep dark stories and deepest crevices of scars of women as well as men, rural as well as urban, celebrities as well as common people; across age groups, financial backgrounds, educational and social credentials, and most importantly, genders, to bring to the fore real ‘Me Too’ stories of those who loosened their seals of silence… turning the ‘Shy’ to ‘Why???’
The stories come from contributors as young as 16 years old to as old as 72. It is time to see the writers of these stories as more than victims, but as who they really are: Survivors. Advocates. Mothers. Daughters. Sons. Friends. Brave. Bold. Courageous. Women. Men.

Each of these stories are incredibly different and unique, written from a human perspective, without wearing any glasses, that perceive only women as more vulnerable, men as more callous and vice versa.

The book illuminates the resilience of the human beings who’ve lived through the trauma of sexual violence and inspires all of us to become more evolved and compassionate in our intimate connections.Even though there have already been revolutions, we’re still not liberated.
All that needs to change now. The tide must turn. It’s high time it did. Let’s confront the past and walk into the future..

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