Famous State Bhavan Canteens in delhi

When it comes to making the most of regional food, there is no better place than State Bhavan Canteens where you can head over to make the most of authentic cuisines. While each state has its own state bhavan canteen, there are a select few which is quite often visited by the locals or the tourists in Delhi.

Let’s have a look to them –

1. Andhra Bhavan

Located in Ashoka Road. Andhra Bhavan is the perfect place where you can satiate your cravings fro idlis, vadas and dosas. However, if you love Hyderabadi Biryani, you can always pair it up with Mutton Curry to make the most of your lunch.

2. Gujarat Bhavan

If you are in a mood to eat and eat a lot, then look no beyond Gujarat Bhavan that offers you with their scrumptious thalis consisting of delectable farsaan, vegetable preparations and a tall glass of chaas to cherish the meal you are a part of.

3. Assam Bhavan

If travelling to Assam to fix your Assamese cuisine or experiment the same feels like a task then there is no better place than Assam Bhavan where you can indulge into the best of Parampara Thali that offers you with a wide array of delicacies.

4. Jammu And Kashmir House

The best apart about this place is that there is no menu at Jammu and Kashmir House and the menu of the day is written on a blackboard. If you are lucky enough, you would get a chance to make the most of Mutton Rogan Josh.

Make the most of your regional cuisines by visiting these and other regional State Bhavan Canteens.

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