Barbeque nation launches Festival League

Barbeque nation has got together dishes of festival league special menu, associated with Cricket. In line with the IPL ongoing season.

BARBEQUE NATION calls upon diners to experience the ‘Festival League’ – the best of the fest, from 26th April to the 13th of May. The festival brings to the table, the finest spread of options, chosen from popular food festivals that are held regularly at Barbeque Nation. Diners can experience the ‘Festival League’ special menu, associated with cricket, in line with the ongoing season of IPL, at all Barbeque Nation outlets in and around Delhi.

Foodies can relish the juicy Reverse Swing Tangri– delicious melt in the mouth chicken appetizer, marinated in aromatic Indian spices, Knuckle Ball Fish – boneless fish barbecued in burnt garlic and LBW Fish steak – perfectly grilled fish fillets, served with choice of sauce and dip. Vegetarians can indulge in Leggy mushrooms – Button mushrooms soaked in spices and cooked to perfection, the Flipper Panner– chunks of creamy paneer which create a blend of sweet-tart-hot flavour, which is in the list of ‘must try’ items and Leg Cutter Shashlik- tantalizingly exotic vegetable skewers marinated and cooked over charcoal grill. The main course offers Mutton Kundan Kaliya – an authentic Awadhi style mutton curry cooked in golden gravy, Nellore Fish curry- a very popular red spicy fish curry from the coasts of Andhra, Paneer Rogani – succulent slices of paneer cooked in a brown, slightly spicy gravy.

The Salad menu allows patrons to enjoy an endless cascade of depth and flavour, they could choose from Fattoush Salad made of bread and exotic vegetables, Pasta Salad, Leady Salad, Eastern European Salad, Creamy fruit salad, and Simple Compound Salad.

For the perfect finish to the meal, the dessert section beckons visitors with a blissful assortment of temptations, including Tiramisu, Baked cheesecake, Mirchi ka Halwa, Brownie bottom cheesecake, Butter Scotch Pastry, Gulab Jamun and Crunchy munchy chocolate.


Where: Barbeque Nation outlets in North India

Date: April 26th – May 13th, 2018

Cost: an Average meal for two: Rs. 1600/-

Timings: Lunch and Dinner hours on Sunday and Dinner between Monday and Saturday

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