Playground opens at JW Marriott Aerocity

What does one get when they combine stunning space, an artsy vibe, the genius of an expatriate mixologist and food for the ages?

Set in the buzzing social stronghold of Aerocity, Playground at JW Marriott New Delhi Aerocity brings to the table an expansive social lounge, a quirky Food Truck and introduces the city’s most chic and exclusive speakeasy, all under one roof.

Walking across the open-air foyer and past Japanese restaurant, Akira Back, you enter a world so different, that one is mesmerized by the beauty of the glass facades that create a striking contrast with colorful pop art that adorns the in-house food truck.


Speakeasy - 12

Yogesh Saini, the brain behind Delhi Street Art has engineered the graffiti for Playground. Treating the walls as his canvas, his artistic flair has lent itself to designing the lounge with just the right amount of colour in both daylight and under subtle lighting to beautifully offset the opulent interiors.

Walk in further and the alfresco & lounge area- identified bright, plush, velvet couches, offset by the deep browns of the wooden tables- reflects the sensibilities of the hotel, weaving in comfort, style and a sense of grandeur at one glance. One of the best features of the lounge is its bar which stretches across the length of an entire wall, well stocked with fine spirits and over 40 brands of special craft beers.


Fish n Chips-minGambas Al Ajillo-min

Grab a glass of some of the finest offerings in the city and sway to the high energy music that permeates the lounge, or perhaps let the most tender and choicest cuts melt in your mouth while you absorb the vibe of the area.

From a smooth martini to classics with a twist, Tzvika Furman the mixologist from Tel-Aviv can always be found talking animatedly about the importance of fresh ingredients, fruits and herbs, often tinkering with a fruit-veggie mix that dominates his portions. One of his personal favorite drinks is the Cold In Shadows, from the Speakeasy menu. The drink is a combination of Campari, raspberry liqueur, and fresh lime juice, with an orange wheel. If nostalgia is the mood, then the innovative PB & J – a Whiskey based take on Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches is a must try.

Set in the elite Aerocity, Playground ensures your evenings will never have a dull moment. The menu too is built to mesh itself well into the mind of an avid foodie. The unmatched flavor of quality ingredients is prevalent in every offering that has been carefully curated to whet the appetite.

The grand Food Truck at the entrance thrives on a young, lively atmosphere that reminds people of the movie ‘Chef’ and Jon Favreau’s eclectic cooking style. Delhi Street Art has once again worked its magic, decorating the truck with art and standout hues of blue and pinks that keenly reflect of the glass dividers of the social lounge. Serving up an array of sandwiches, poutine, hot dogs and falafel, the Food Truck promises to elevate the guests’ experience by providing delicious food, on the go.



While talking about food, small plates menu is the dominant theme at Playground. Chef Verma serves up artistically plated global food, where flavours – both bold and subtle – combine to create an experience unlike one you’ve had before. Artisanal burrata with basil pesto, clear tomato consommé and pine-nuts rests on a bed of heirloom tomatoes…. the delicate flavors a delight to the palate as is the dish a treat to the eyes. Balik Salmon, which comes with avocado, rocket leaves, pine-nuts, a generous dressing of extra virgin olive oil and multigrain breadsticks, is just how you would like you produce to be the hero of the dish. Continuing the journey, the Gambas Al Ajillo (garlic shrimp) with prawns cooked in white wine, lemon and garlic and the in-house Smoked Baby Back Ribs served in a glass dome, with rosewood smoke are the perfect way to allow Chef Verma to showcase his inimitable talent and structure his menu in such a way that the palate of the connoisseur and the critic is satisfied alike.


'Playground' Baby Back Pork Ribs-minSalted Caramel Creme Brulee-minSocial Lounge 6

The finishing touch to the Playground is provided by the elusive Speakeasy. Partially hidden behind street art, this members’ only lounge houses coveted bottles and niche spaces. Mood lighting, luxurious interiors, wood paneling and handcrafted leather loungers from Timothy Oulton set the Speakeasy apart from the rest of the property. Being a member’s exclusive privilege, the interiors boast of plush sofas dominated by blue tones and wood, while the imposing bar stretches across the other side of the area. With its carefully curated bar menu and cocktails which highlight handpicked ingredients, the bar features some of the best single malts in the city.

Redefining nightlife at Delhi-NCR, JW Marriott Aerocity has successfully created an amalgamation of gastronomic wonder and luxurious interiors, while focusing on the preferences of its patrons and marking a new step in the hospitality sector in the country.

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