Theos Mall of India completes one year

If you are looking for a bakery which has a great variety of cakes and pastries then look no further. Best known for their sinful pattiseries, this All-in-one Italian and global cafe, chocolatier and patisserie has something for every occasion. Yes, it is Theos, we are talking about!

We were at the celebration for Theos completing one year, its a place to go when you have that “in-between meals” hunger pangs or a sweet tooth itching for those alluring pastries; when you are in a mood for a good sit down sinful meal. The continental and Mediterranean menu is vast and they have a lot of variety in great Italian food from pastas, pizzas and a nice variety of burgers for a nice meal. From kids’ birthday cakes to all the celebrations amongst family and friends, Theos cakes have always added joy to our special moments

We tried the belgian chocolate pastry and the blueberry cheese cake. It was just great if you are a true pastry lover then this is the place to be. We were chatting away sipping a vanilla oreo shake. The mushroom crepe was just great. Also tried the quiche both in veg and non veg. Looking forward to coming back and trying their Italian menu soon.

Fresh Fruit Gateaux Cake, Tripple chocolate mousse, Orange brulee chocolate decadence, Smoked chicken croissant, assorted Macaroons, Cupcakes, chocolates and petit fours, Jamaican chocolate frappe & Viennesse cold coffee. Chicken Lasagna,  Peri Peri Chicken Oliviette

Theos Noida


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