Mia Bella is a romantic getaway in HKV

The name says it all Mia Bella – Romantic Bar and Kitchen !

Full marks for the ambience, overlooks the azure Hauz Khas Lake and Heritage monuments nearby .
They have a nice wine collection of Spanish wines and the menu is mostly Mediterranean.
 Mia Bella, meaning my beautiful, is a place that certainly lives upto its name.
Offering a mix of African, Italian, Lebanese and American cuisines, Mia Bella gives its own touch to a few dishes, making them unique and more delectable. The seating capacity is great with three floors, and the interiors in blue and yellow adding to the beauty of the place.


The roasted garlic cream of mushroom soup was just great for me to start with. Tried the bruschetta bar and tapas which is stuff bell pepper with meat sauce. Then we went on to have the mediterranean grills which had grilled chicken kebabs and veg kofta  kebabs.
You must try their wood fired pizza with pesto and artichokes. They are a delight. Another recommended dish is the risotto and venetian chicken steak which is well done.
We had a variety of cocktails to choose from, like the mia bella mojito , mediterrranean martini, fountain of youth and the classic sangria. They also have mocktails and shakes which are really made well by the talented barternder.
A great place if you want to enjoy a good time with friends or a romantic dinner with a special someone. Highly recommend.

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