Introducing Kaama Klub at Delhi’s Ansal Plaza

Ever wanted a space that could suit all your requirements as your home away from home? A restaurant by day and your space to party by​ night – Kaama Klub will amalgamate your mornings into evenings as it holds your attention through the day – work here, eat here, chill here, enrich your skills. It’s all under one 14,000 sq ft roof waiting for you to discover your hidden passions – one day at a time. After successfully launching KAAMA in Mumbai, Delhi-based prominent entrepreneur Sudhir Gouchwal recently launched- KAAMA KLUB- an unexplored gastronomic odyssey that is rooted in desire. It’s a place that promises to be more of an experience that will delight all 5 senses with a unique culinary sensitivity to match.

A celebration of life itself, Kaama Klub’s decor has much to explore. Handmade art on walls that is inspired by India’s yesteryears, a sculpted bar and seating inspired by India’s new age contemporary edge – the space aims to entreat people from different walks of the country to come together and rejoice, all over a drink of tea, coffee or your favourite spirit to leave you ‘enlightened’.

Music meets gluttony as the best acts from India and abroad line up to play at Kaama Klub’s two story Amphitheatre and multi-level bar where the entertainment never stops! A venture by Young Mind Restaurant PVT Ltd, Kaama Klub is India’s first large scale venture that combines food, entertainment and culture across an alfresco section, co-working space and an all day diner – rolled into one.

Food speaks the language of the contemporary Indian as an elaborate gastronomic experience marries beautifully with food from across the globe.

​ Camembert Cheese copyKaama Klub- Lamb Chops copy

Indulge in India’s new age, progressive culture cuisine at Kaama . Serving the age-old way in Himalayan bricks, to bringing Lamb chops and Makhani fries to your table Kaama strives to bring a culinary journey rooted in desire.

​ ​

Kaama Klub is also home to a unique ‘Kaama Lab’ where chef experts and mixologists work late hours to create remarkable culinary delights and uncommon cocktails. Think Indian inspired Burgers, Globally renowned Tikkas, Cocktails influenced by local and organic Indian seasonal ingredients – the menu at Kaama Klub has something for each palate to devour.

Taking a cue from all that is natural and organic, Kaama offers a glimpse of rare and yet unseen botanical mixology across its beverage and cocktail menus. Potent concoctions with infused tea options, in-house syrups that are made from scratch, and a cocktail philosophy that embodies their core belief in ‘peculiarity’, this unique resto-bar offers marries passion with potency and taste with nostalgia to create a serving for your everyday royalty.

Just like a secret fantasy that finds its way to the door of the shy, Kaama special cocktails marry desires with potency and a taste with nostalgia. From having a Deep Desire to Midnight Fantasies and Mysterious Muse, these signature cocktails at KAAMA serves all your tipple-desires.

Membership at this ‘Klub’ has its own unique benefits as it opens doors to imagination like never before.

​T​he ‘Inspired by Kaama’ membership card puts your interests at its core by offering an superior edge on dining, drinking and events. Member only advantages include free Wifi and exclusive passes to member-only art, music, food and culture events. Card holders can also avail secret tastings at the ‘Kaama Lab’ to help choose new menus and also host parties at special prices and network with the who’s who of Delhi here.

‘Inspired by Kaama’ membership details as below:

1 month membership @ INR 10,000 (2,000 as fee and 8,000 redeemable)

3 month membership @INR 25,000 (1,000 as fee and 24,000 redeemable)

6 month membership @INR 50,000 (fully redeemable)

MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS AS BELOW (all are applicable):

  1. Spirited: Buy One Get One free for all drinks consumed by the member only (any time of the day or night and on any category of spirit)
  2. Gluttony: Every third item on the food bill is compliments us (the lower value item)
  3. Weekend happy: No Cover charge for member or his guestlist for weekends at Kaama Klub
  4. Event-ually: No cover charge for any event (including headline acts) for the member only

A venue with a modern yet contemporary soul, Kaama Klub aims to personify your personal ‘Room of Requirement’ with finesse, class and style. Delhi was waiting for this – weren’t you?

Address: Kaama Klub at Ansal Plaza, Ground Floor, C Block, New Delhi

Contact: 9870566277 and 9870547733

Social Media: Instagram- @kaamaklubdelhi and Facebook- @kaamaklub

Timing: 1​2 noon till 1 am

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