Punjab Grill launches winter menu

Punjab Grill has, for many years, been my Go To place whenever I wanted to eat the flavorful Food of Punjab…. I still clearly remember the very first time I visited and the absolutely enchanting time I had….
Today The Writers Collective Of India – our Group went to sample the new Winter Special Menu.

A lot has changed, in the settings and the ambience, so I can’t but help feeling nostalgic…. But, the Food is still Awesome and I am relishing every moment of it.

The Kaali Gajar Kanji (195/ ++) had just the right bite, while Jail Road Kharodey (285/++), though not served in the traditional manner, was flavor personified.
In the Starters, The Moongheriyaan Mooli Chutney Naal (295/++) should be discontinued forthwith! On the other hand the Ambarsari Macchi De Pakode (795/++) were among the best I have ever tasted…. Plump succulent pieces of sole, perfectly battered & fried.
The non veg Platter is not on the Menu – it was a Chef’s Surprise Supreme!!

In the Mains the Hara Choliya Wadi (445/++), the Sarson Da Saag – Makki Roti (575/++) & Methi Murgh (595/++) were each better than the first. The Dish of the Day was easily the Kunna Meat – Winter Veggies (645 /++) where two massive lamb shanks had been simmered endlessly in a heavenly broth brimming with onions, potatoes & whole baby carrots until the meat was falling of the bone.

The Jowari Missi (145/++)…the Til Gur Waala Roti (145/++) & the Aloo Bathuey Da Chur Chur Naan (215/++) provided the perfect accompaniment to the Mains.
For those with a sweet tooth, the Atta Pinni (275/++) & the Gur Di Kheer (275/++) are sheer Ambrosia, while the Baked Kaland Pie (275/++) would appeal to a more restrained palate.
We washed all this down with the perfect White Wine Sangrias!!
The one thing that I really missed was the Gajar Gobhi Shalgam Da Achaar, which though promised, never made it to the table.
The food came from the superlative hands of Chef Yusuf Massy’s Team while the service was competently marshalled by Manager Pankaj Sharma.
Would we recommend it? Like a shot!!
But, don’t take our word for it…. Go try it out yourself and be as blown away as we were.


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