Lord of the Drinks , Connaught Place launches new menu

A friend invited me to accompany them to the 2nd Anniversary Celebrations of Lord of the Drinks CP… I was initially a bit hesitant, as I was still in recovery mode from my illness.
However, the fact that this is a project of one of my oldest & dearest Friends, priyank sukhija, whose PR is handled by another very old & dear Friend, Veta Ratra, eventually persuaded me.
And I was supremely glad that I did do so because the Evening turned out to be a Culinary Delight! 


In the Starters the Arbi Tuk (355/=++) & the BBQ Dhokla Chaat (385/=++) were two of the most innovative dishes I had seen in recent times.
The Ajwaini Tempura Prawns (695/=++) made my heart sing, while the Chicken Thai Herbs Dim Sums (435/=++) did a dance on my tongue.
When Ambika wanted Pasta then the Truffled Mac & Cheese (525/=++) was pronounced to be really good. I wanted to try the Batter Amritsar Mini Fish Steak (595/=++) which truly delighted not just me, but also my young friends who dug into the Crispy French Fries that accompanied the fish… A Superb twist to the traditional Fish and Chips!
Karan said “Yaar, bus karo tum log” and then proceeded to polish off the Mutton In The Curry (575/=++) with the accompanying Lachha Parantha, without offering either of us so much as a bite!! 

While all this gastronomic extravaganza was being dished out, I was daintily 😂😂sipping a Calypso Coffee (425/=++) while the others knocked back their Sangrias (535/=++) and Cosmopolitans (495/=++).
Now it came to Dessert Time and Ambika chose the Blueberry French Toast (325/=++) which she pronounced a signal failure!!
To make her happy again the Manager brought her a Classic Jar Of Tiramisu (325/=++) and she happily dug in, of course with some help from us 😊😊

Fully Fed Up as we were, we made a very significant decision… It is time, we agreed, to revive The Writers Collective Of India – our Group and The Writers Collective Of India – our Page…. Balley Balley ji!!
So, Folks, take it from us….. Follow our Ordering Pattern at LOD and YOU can’t go wrong!
Ik Gul Yaad Rakhna…. Saadhey Naal Raho Gey Taan Aish Karo Gey…



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