The Trial – exclusive launch

Gurugram has seen many transformations but this will be legendary. We all know that change is the only constant in the world. As much as this applies to our life, it is equally applicable to the food that we eat. Complementing this strong thought, The Trial, a launch pad where all the food magic happens; whether you are a home chef, an amateur or an entrepreneur, offers a unique platform for culinary innovations for one and all.

The Trail is the first delivery cum sit-in kitchen concept at the Golf Course Road, Gurugram. With the concept of establishing exceptional ways to introduce indulging flavors, one can also work on refreshing food ideas and bring a sparkling cum a personalized new spread on the food menu for other gourmands in town. It is an amalgamation of conceptualizing food, delivering gourmet boxes and also a YouTube channel to keep you updated with all the new delicacies and unique ways of cooking.

L-R Amit Suri, Chefs Adam Simmonds, Hari Nayak and Amit TyagiL-R Board of Directors, The Trial- Mr. Sudeep Singh, Mr. Gaurav Mehta and Ms. Sumedha Mehta

The Trial sets up all infrastructures at its best. With a dedicated team to provide patrons with mentorship of the most renowned chefs in the industry, The Trial also help them spoon out the perfect recipes. The chefs on board are Chef Adam Simmonds, one of the finest chef who is well known for sophisticated food and stylish presentation; Chef Hari Nayak, globally known as one of the pioneers of modern Indian cuisine; Chef Arun Tyagi, a dynamic culinary expert with an in-depth understanding of food and beverage industry in India. Apart from being a mentor, the three Chefs are also an integral part of the core team.

And well that’s not all! With an unmatched combination of chefs, entrepreneurs and innovative food concept, the platform is also providing The Trial Box – an innovative, out of the box and hassle-free experiential boxed catering service at your doorstep. The patrons can also dial in for customized gourmet boxes, live BBQ, and bartender service at their place for any celebration.

The Trial TV Show, another massive project aims at bringing out a completely new set of flavors on the masses’ palettes which is expected to air on your TV screens next year.

The company also plans to expand its wings within the first year by launching The Trial all across the country.


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