Book Launch- ‘The Peacock Feather’

I recently attended a book launch event by Rupa publications, “The Peacock Feather” at the USI Club. The book is a collection of ten short stories that keeps the reader totally captivated in its interesting storyline.

From a bittersweet love story to a rags to riches story, the stories take the reader through an emotional path, traumatic experiences and fraudulent man-oeuvres, that depict the true nature of a human being with their flaws and nuances.

The chief guest at the event was Gen VK Singh, Minister of state for external affairs who is also an author.  Talking about the book he said “The book is like Peacock feather, what you see as colors once, if you see closely you see more colors. Each story makes you sit down, pause and think. There is plenty in it. I personally feel that writing short stories is very difficult. Short stories is a difficult task as you have to gain attention after every story ends. I can’t imagine how both authors coordinated writing the book, I complement both of them as it has come out to be really beautiful.”

The event was hosted by Rupa CEO Mr. Kapish Mehra, guests and friends of the author’s in full attendance followed by lunch and drinks at the lawns.

The two authors, identical twins are experts in their respective fields. Firstly,  Mr. Sunil Kapoor is a delhi based renowned tax consultant and advises various national and multinational clients. His hobbies include sports, playing piano, singing and reading books.

Mr. Sudhir Kapoor is a fellow chartered account registered with ICAI. He is an expert in the filed of business control advisory, audit and assurance & financial risk management.

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