BTL Vanquish- World’s most advanced system for body shaping

BTL Vanquish ME is a breakthrough in non-invasive visible fat reduction and treats largest treatment area from flank to flank in a single session for faster, smoother results.  It is non-surgical, painless medical procedure in which skin is heated up to 42 degrees Celsius and the underlying fat to 46 degrees which burns the fats including the areas of the body which takes time to even through heavy exercises.

BTL Vanquish ME employs a first-of-its-kind technology using a contact less panel array that creates a high-frequency Selective RF™ energy field that treats broad areas of the midsection — a sharp contrast to other systems, which focus only on smaller, localized fat deposits. With the largest spot size in the industry, this next generation fat reducing device provides natural-looking results across the entire abdominal and core area in four to six short treatment sessions. A safe, affordable and pain-free treatment option, BTL Vanquish ME helps restore confidence to women and men who can become frustrated by lingering excess fat despite working out, a healthy diet and an active lifestyle.

Moreover, there is no downtime, no compression garments required, and no special instructions to follow. The fat reduction is permanent if the patient does not gain weight. Healthy nutrition and sufficient exercise are highly recommended post treatment. The biggest advantage of the technology is that it is non-surgical and said to be absolutely safe having no chances of damaging external skin or muscles. It is an effective and repeatable procedure for those looking to eliminate belly fat and love handles without surgery.

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