Rustom – movie review

First day first show is something I always wanted to do. So when the much awaited Akshay Kumar movie was going to be released during independence day weekend, I had already booked it online two days before. Another patriotic film, another Akshay Kumar starrer, he really seems to be making an impact with this new genre.

The infamous Nanavati case had been the highlight of a couple of earlier films, neither of which I have seen. Hence, it was good that I wasn’t carrying any baggage and would watch it without any pre conceived notions.
This movie is an out and out Akshay Kumar movie, he is the backbone of the film. He carries the film on his shoulders.
It’s early 1960s and the Indian navy is making its presence felt in the Arabian Sea. Men in uniform command respect, and envy.

There is a clash between the rich sindhi Arjan Bajwa’s character versus the parsi community of Rustom. Each community is using their clout to save their respective fellow.

The premise is fairly simple. A heartbroken naval officer, his cheating wife, the Casanova lover, his evil sister. The court room drama in the second half adds to the setting and thrill. This is also the last case that was heard by jury trial and henceforth the government abolished jury trials.

Though part of the story is based on fact, it’s the relationship drama that actually makes this a thriller. It’s a passionate crime done by a husband who’s madly in love with his wife and only national duty can set them apart for a while. It is during this time that the wife falls in a trap set by the Casanova Vikram Makhija, who is hell bent in teaching Rustom a lesson for being a patriotic and non corrupt officer.

It’s the price, Rustom pays for being an honest, loving husband. The crux of the case was whether Cdr Nanavati shot Ahuja in the “heat of the moment” or whether it was a premeditated murder. The film is about how he deals with it, understands his wife situation and also looks graceful even after commiting a crime and also wins the sympathy of the public and jury.
Finally he is set free and reunites with his wife and plays a bluff which in the end makes the corrupt naval officers committing suicide.
A must watch for Akshay Kumar fans.

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