Launch of new designer portal in Delhi

India’s first designer priviliged portal, Thefashionticket launched in the capital’s OddEven club in MGF Saket Mall on 5th August. The event included models adding pomp and glamour to the event.

Speaking to us at the event, one of the partner’s of the company, Mr. Abhinav Sharma said “The fashionticket is a unique portal where designers can connect to their audience instantly at a click. And customers can be rewarded for their purchase.”

The Fashion Ticket is the primary e-commerce product from Walkway Fashion Pvt Ltd .The organisation works for promoting fashion talent across the world. The Team members of The Fashion Ticket belong to strong marketing and fashion establishments and are well known to create innovative products which can facilitate Fashion and Customers.

The Fashion Ticket is an effort to help prospective customers to get an idea about the designer offerings along with the fixed discounts and rewards, discover new trends and book their appointments with designers through real-time recommendations instantly.
It’s the only channel which supports e commerce and offline database of the customer and hence provides designers with shopaholic customers.

The Fashion Ticket honors both card and cash sales, which gives customers an advantage to shop more and earn more. The reward points can be claimed in form of cash backs and vouchers from different market sectors.

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