Four Hands Massage experience

There is always a case to try something new and Dubai is one place where you actually get to do things you haven’t done before.
After some hectic weeks in office,I opted for the exotic “Four Hands Massage” it sounded highly indulgent and I hoped it was going to be worth it.

After a short wait, the massage therapist ushered me upstairs to a very smart treatment room and instructed me replace my clothes with the large towel on the table and that she would be back shortly with the second therapist. I asked if they had the disposable underwear, the answer was met with a giggle and a point at the towel. So I sat on the treatment table wearing only a large towel which does puts thoughts in your mind.

A gentle knock on the door and the two therapists appeared. They asked me to lie down on my front and without fuss I was positioned for treatment. Then there was an interesting sensation when the large towel I was wearing was replaced with something that felt about the size of a face cloth. This was then folded in three which “I think” just about covered my posterior.

Any thought of embarrassment was instantly dismissed as the therapists set to work. Almost in perfect sync each therapist took one half of my body and administered an intense massage the full length of my body. With liberal amount of oil and increasing pressure it was hard to tell how many hands were actually on me – but it felt to be just the right amount.

When it was time to turn over – again my modesty was expertly protected. Though I was not sure how I felt about the comment “Would sir, like a larger towel?” would it have been bragging to say yes?

The front side massage continued in the same vein, I was totally relaxed and continued to enjoy the treatment. The positioning of the small towel was good over the crown jewels – though I was slightly perturbed at the “tucking” that was certainly needed to protect everyone’s dignity, but it did catch me off guard with the first “tuck”.

All too soon the hour was over. I was asked if I would like to shower, based on the amount of oil on me it was a sensible choice. I was left feeling revitalized and having gone to the gym earlier that day it was a fab reward for the morning’s effort.

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