Movie Review – ‘The Intern’

I recently moved to my new apartment in dubai. Let me tell you it feels good to be independent. The fun thing is that you do everything on your own. From laundry to cleaning to washing dishes, your place really keeps you motivated and happy. You get a lot of confidence and are in a more happy space. The last time, I stayed alone all by myself was in college and the experience living on your own in a country like US was so great that I ended up writing a book on it. I hope shifting here helps me finish my second novel too. Dubai has been a good experience till now. The people, the place and the life here is good. The place is a food haven for foodies like me.

My regular schedule is waking up at 6am, having my alone time doing the fun things that I like, eating healthy breakfast and then getting ready to go to office. Weekdays are hectic at work so I tend to do my things on weekends. Watching movies, meeting friends and hitting the beach keeps me busy then. Last weekend was long one due to Muharram holiday and we had a blast. Festival time is when you really miss being in India. My Cousin has just relocated from India to a job in Dubai and we went to Marina was a walk on the beach and to watch a great movie ‘Intern’.

The plot is unassuming. Robert De Niro, a senior citizen, aged 70 applies for a job in a leading startup in retail and he gets the part. The movie is about his journey being assistant to the founder played by Anne Hathaway.
He’s respectful, he dresses in a tie, he makes sure not to leave the office until the boss leaves, and he basically does everything better than everybody else. Meanwhile, they teach him about Facebook and fist-bumps.
He’s chivalrous, he’s better organized, he’s observant and sympathetic, and he knows Brooklyn way better than they do. But it mostly works because the director, Meyers uses De Niro well.

It tells you that although the new generation is really cool and has a very different approach to life at work and home. Basically, It’s more practical and technologically advanced. However, there are certain old school principles and ideologies that are still relevant in the modern day world. Relationships, going by your gut, and being nice to your peers helps in being a great leader.
To be a good leader, you have to get the best from your team and if you are not clear about your goals then it will be difficult for your team to follow.

All in all, the movie was emotional and taught us that in this fast paced new generation life of the 21st century, its always good to pause, reflect a little and then take advice from your elder’s on how to balance and pace yourself towards great success in life.

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