#100 days Happy Challenge

I know I probably should have written this post sooner but I was overworked, in a new place and feeling too lazy to write.

Yesterday, I almost felt like I had another fracture to add to my ‘fractures I get because of the stupid things I do’ list but luckily it was a false alarm and the pain has slowly subsided. And I can’t believe that I haven’t written anything on my blog for last few months. So well, here it goes.

After having gone through a Deepika Padukone type depression mode after a long relationship. I have decided that I will mention the good things and bad things that have happened to me. And be in a happy space from now- and take a #100 days Happy Challenge.
I will now start writing, feeling happy and loving myself more. Thank god last 6 months or more in depression have helped me loose oodles of weight and I hope it continues. I now want to stay happy, live independently and now that am fitter, am more self conscious and am loving my new self. I will also start doing more things myself and the one thing that I have learnt in this past year is that you have to love yourself and not be dependent on anyone at all.
I believe my parents are my gods, and if they are not happy then there is certainly something wrong that is happening.
So I take this HAPPY CHALLENGE and hope that it changes me much more than the 6 mths have. And you guys, keep an eye on the regular
posts that come up now to update you all.

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