Bajrangi Bhaijan Movie Review

The film delivers a very good message. Through the film, Kabir Khan shows us the noble character of the protagonist, Bajrangi. Who is a worshiper of lord hanuman. He believes in speaking the truth and helping out other people.

In today’s world, simple honest human beings are considered mental! As is narrated by people throughout the film whenever Salman does a deed that is considered humanly. Well, its quite right that this is not the regular Salman Khan movie that we have seen in the recent past. But its a welcome change to see the actor Salman back with a bang. The story has all the makings of an emotional potboiler and the characters do justice with the roles. There is a bit of humor, lot of emotions and great message to people of both countries, that religion is not important, ‘Being Human’ is more important.

That is the real message that the film tries to give us.

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