The truth about Massage Parlours

Prostitution has been legal in the Netherlands even since 1830, though till 1980 the law forbade profiting from prostitution. In 1988, prostitution has been recognized as a legal profession, subjecting it to the municipal regulations about the location, organization and the practice of business. In India, it is still illegal. We wonder why.

Earlier, it was tough for men to indulge in these kind of activities as massage parlours only used to advertise in leading newspapers. Media is considered to be one of the four pillars of democracy. The fourth estate is considered to be the watchdogs of the nation and the society. An example of this duplicity can be seen in the publication of advertisements, which offer massage services by hot Indian or foreign females or males at exotic locations in the most explicit language. This was pretty relevant around five years ago when there was scarcity of massage parlours.

A phone call made to one of these numbers appearing in the newspaper confirms the same.

Massage in gurgaon

Boy: Hi, I wanted to get a massage, I saw your advertisement in the papers.
Man: Yes sir, Actually we have all kinds of massage. Like body to body, happy ending or full satisfaction

Boy: I want complete satisfaction, what type of girls do you have. Dont worry about the price.
Man: Sir, we have students, models, tv actresses and also girls from russia and middle east. Price ranging from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 50,000
Boy: Models, nice. Can you whatsapp me the pictures so that i can choose.

Man: sure sir, let me add you to my list, please accept my request.

Boy: Ok, thanks will do.”

Nowadays, technology is taking the business to the next level. Massage parlours, specially in gurgaon are mushrooming and there is a new one coming up almost every week. Demand is what creates supply and it’s the need of the hour. The millennium city has tons of corporate offices and most of the people live and work in gurgaon. There is the stress of meeting deadlines, in addition to extra late night working hours and if you are a male then high stress if you are running a nuclear family. This High stress levels, whether at home or work are creating this ever expanding demand for a place to relax and soothe the nerves. Men want to be de stressed and what easier way than to go to a spa where your needs are met. Just go to groupon or some leading deal website, steal a deal and you are all set. Make your bookings and land up at the reception counter and ask what you are looking for.

Parlour’s in gurgaon have made it simple. Men just have to call and a receptionist will explain and help them decide how they can be satisfied. If you have been there once, you most probably will end up going there every week or fortnight. The charges are less, if you go there more and more. Just go and choose your masseur, give a nice tip and whisper in her ear what you are looking for. Enjoy all this in the luxury of a room inside the spa. Whether it’s legal or not, they don’t care.

Everything that happens remains there and there is no love lost. Pay the money and get relaxed.

It happens and it happens nearly everywhere in gurgaon. So next time you go to a spa and a women asks you if you want a happy ending, don’t be surprised. It’s all normal, simply business.

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