Dhaba by Claridges food review

n our gastronomic memory, dhabas aren't just eateries by the highway; they are bookmarks of unforgettable experiences. Their smoky flavors make us forget the priciest of meals in the best of fine-dining restaurants. There is nothing that can beat the satisfaction of spooning kaali dal (black lentils)into a crisp tandoori naan (Indian flat bread) —... Continue Reading →

World Pizza Journey food review

Hauz Khas Village is a cluster of pubs, restros, bars. You will have plenty of options ranging from economical ones to expensive ones. Good cozy nice hang out places. Each joint is different from the other. Theme, Ambience, Concept and Cuisine. All these things are completely different and that’s what makes the place have a... Continue Reading →

Vault Cafe food review

There was a time during my school days at Modern Barakhamba, especially during high school, that Connaught Place would be theplace to hangout. After school hours was mandatory but then bunking and being there added to the marks of the place on another dimension. The chholebhature of Kwality, the cheese sandwich of United Coffee House,... Continue Reading →


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