The branch of Nooshe Joon that I visited is the one at Nehru Place, in South Delhi. It is located in the Epicuria food complex just off the Nehru Place metro station on Delhi’s Violet Line. Nehru Place being one of the busiest business blocks at the heart of South Delhi makes it an ideal setting for this kind of a theme restaurant. Indeed, the entire look of this place has an arty feel about this, reminiscent of a certain West Asian feel.
To start off with the food, I ordered the Persian Lassi, known in Farsi as Doogh. In addition to curd, this version also has soya powder, mint powder and salt. Indeed, the taste of mint was quite evident in the subtle aroma without being overwhelming. While I was finishing this off, in arrived the Mezze Kebab Platter. It had two kinds of kebabs, one on the tangy side, the other spicier. They went very well with the drink. Another way to mix the meat was with the variety of sauces. There were four of them in fact, all tasting distinct.

This starter was followed by the main meal. I had the Makhloot which had the Jujeh made from chicken and the Lamb Koobedeh. The combination worked fine. The lamb was really tender and juicy with the perfect blend of spices. With this, was served saffron rice which was on the sweeter side. Another white sauce accompanied along with some pickle and grilled salads. To wash it all up, I had a lemon soda in the end. Overall a very satisfying meal it was.

If there is one area, this branch of the restaurant really needs to get its act together, it is the servicing. There were a few of them around the front area, and each time I had questions on the items, I was met with disappointment. Being a theme restaurant and unconventional, the visitor is bound to come up with questions as most have little knowledge of even Lebanese, let alone Persian food. He would give me technical Iranian names and then follow up by saying it is a local herb found there. The food was well prepared by him, no doubt, but it seemed that he was just executing something he had only recently been imparted training for.
As I was stuffed to the brim, I had no capacity left for anything further. But I have promised myself to try the Baklavas, next time I visit.

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Aritro Dasgupta was born a connoisseur of food and now leverages this passion of his to do restaurant reviews and food compilations. The passion began in his mother’s kitchen sampling some of the finest Bengali cuisine involving, fish, meat, vegetables and sweets. Then it moved on to a global taste comprising of an eclectic and experimental food. Aritro wears many hats- teacher, trainer, traveler and writer- and swears by the maxim of ‘living for food”.

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