#RallyforRivers, an ambitious campaign that has flooded our timelines with celebrities garbed in blue, aims to tackle the urgent matter of the nation’s dying rivers. Organised by the Isha foundation, it has seen the support of Bollywood and Kollywood actors, cricketers and even Union environment, forest and climate change minister Harsh Vardhan Singh.

The star of the campaign however remains one man – Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. The spiritual guru, in order to mobilise support for the ‘rejuvenation of rivers’ is set to ride 7,000 km from Kanyakumari and cover 16 states. The rally was flagged off on September 3 and will culminate in Delhi on October 2.

How exactly are we going to save rivers?

Jaggi Vasudev has a one stop solution to ensure that India’s rivers are restored to their original glory.

First, to his credit, he identifies that there is a major problem in our hands.

‘India’s rivers are undergoing a drastic change. Due to the pressures of population and development, our perennial rivers are becoming seasonal. Many of the smaller rivers have already vanished. Flood as well as drought are becoming increasingly frequent, as rivers turn unruly during the monsoon, and vanish once the rainy season is over,’ reads the website dedicated to this campaign.




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