Hahn’s Kitchen had created quite a buzz when it had opened in One Horizon Centre, Gurgaon and ever since I had wanted to try out their authentic Korean cuisine.
The place is done up quite aesthetically and the sitting can be chosen from the normal or the traditional Korean custom of sitting around a low dining table.
The food depicts the Korean flavors as authentically possible, but keeping in mind the taste of the people here.
hahns kitchen

I must say it was one of the most unique dining experiences ever for me. Korean was a very new taste. And I’m glad we gave it a shot.
On entering, you can notice that there are three areas of sitting available, like the first is like the normal sitting which can be expected in any restaurant.
The second sitting is the private one, namely like the traditional korean dine in sitting, a low floor sitting with some gorgeous wall decors.

The complimentary starters can themselves make you feel full. I tried the sea food hotpot, which was really good. It had good mix of prawns and other seafood. Ordered some cognac to go with the food later. The rolls were also good, specially egg rolls.

Also tried the fried pork belly in soya sauce. Loved the korean style sushi rolls which were just great.
Will surely come and try the spicy octopus next time. Highly recommend to all.

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