Gurgaon city is full of surprising talented professionals who’re coming forward giving their expertise in their niche segments. One such area would be the focus in development of young kids by having specialized solutions for their demands.

We’re witnessing a rise in demand for professional help in designing kid’s spaces in the current trends. People are realizing that kids develop their personality at a very early stage and parents are very careful of the environment they want them to grow in. They no more want their kids to have a room full of cartoon characters. Rather they want to give them a space that is full of their personality where they can develop into their best selves.

Coming across one such maverick interior designer Navita Mahajan, based in Gurgaon and running a very successful interior décor brand by the name Crysp Interior Design Studio.

Navita says “The most important aspect of designing a kid’s room is that the space should reflect their personality and not of their parents. CRYSP follows a 3S thumb rule, Safety, Size and Style. The 3S thumb rule helps execute a well-designed room which the kids cherish.”

The unique method that this brand approaches is the child’s involvement in the project which helps bring a new dimension to the whole process. “Finding out what activities concern them, what are their fantasies, their favorite colours, what is unique in their personality and other details like these, help you create a decorative theme that they feel they own and this also helps inculcate a sense of responsibility towards their space and belongings.” Discloses Navita.

“As a child grows his space requirements change faster than one can think. From safe crawling mats to planned study units, all their requirements need to be addressed suitably. Also, with a mind-boggling variety of furniture and accessories available in the market, parents look for expert assistance to achieve cohesive yet well styled rooms for their kids.”

From their past projects, we saw some amazing style themes like the vintage look, Nordic accents that were overlaid to elevate the interiors.

Seeing their designs, we realized that at CRYSP, all toddlers’ rooms that are designed are driven by their play interests and teen rooms are mainly based on their hobbies.

The extreme precautions they are taking to ensure the safety of kids includes non-toxic wall and wood finishes, smooth edges of the furniture, appropriate bed and seating heights. The quality of ornamentation is also kept in check to save them from the challenges it possesses.

CRYSP caters to unusual requests such as a castle shaped bunk bed cum play pen, strongly believes that Disney and superhero themes allow your child to be a kid, they lack an element of longevity and are best avoided as children usually get tired of these once they grow up.

Having many years of experience in interior decoration, CRYSP offers a range of interior design services including revamp, turn-key solutions, renovation/room makeover, design consultations, and bespoke furniture.

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