Recently I got an invite for a coffee roast session.

The venue was at the well known Cafe Pluck at Hotel Pullman at Aerocity New Delhi. And this was a coffee loaded evening when we got to go through the entire process of coffee roasting to a refreshing evening.

At Pluck cafe they do it with Probat machine which is one of its kind and only 2 such machines are available in India one is here and the other in Mumbai. The temperature various from 100 to 155 degree during the roasting.


Now , it was time to have the coffee. We tried these two from the menu.


From Italy –

Caffè macchiato, sometimes called espresso macchiato, is an espresso coffee drink with a small amount of milk, usually foamed. the literal meaning of Macchiato is strained or spotted. in this case spotted is with milk, which means hardly any milk.

The caffè macchiato has the highest ratio of espresso to milk of any drink made with those ingredients. The intent is that the milk moderates, rather than overwhelms, the taste of the coffee while adding a touch of sweetness so you end up tasting pure coffee.The drink is typically prepared by pouring a small amount of steamed milk directly into a single shot of espresso. and it is consumed with a shot of chilled water.


#Affogato  – yet another coffee from Italy. This is another hot and cold concoction where  2 scoops of Vanilla ice cream is topped up with a shot of espresso. and this is super sweet because of overload of ice cream. probably should have had with just one scoop of ice cream.


pullman cafe pluck

The Cafe Pluck is a great place with a relaxed seating and beautiful interiors. The cafe inside the hotel property is a great place to have your events in a great setting and have a nice time.


Address :

Pullman New Delhi Aerocity, Asset 2, Hospitality District, Aerocity, New Delhi
011 33106177
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